Sensitivity Testing

Homeostatic Imbalance

Homeostasis is a state of body equilibrium or stable internal environment of the body. In general, the body is in homeostasis when its needs are being adequately met and is functioning smoothly. Communication within the body is essential for homeostasis and is accomplished chiefly by body systems which use electrical signals delivered by acupuncture points as information carriers. Homeostasis is so important that most disease is regarded as a result of its disturbance, a condition called homeostatic imbalance.

Cells are congruent to trillions of tiny batteries that comprise the human body. The more exposure we have to given energies, from foods, electromagnetic fields such as radiations, negative thought processes, pollens, danders, chemicals, etc., the more these discordant energies will lead to homeostatic imbalance. These discordant energies are referred to as stressors.


Every substance that exists has its own specific energetic frequency referred to as an electromagnetic signature. When the body is exposed to an energy that it does not recognize the signature of, it is seen as a “stressor” to the body which results in adverse reactions. The more exposure we have to stressful energies/substances the greater the likelihood allergies, conditions, diseases will develop.

Stressor/Sensitivity Testing

Biofeedback Analysis is a natural health screening method used to obtain information from the body to determine the energetic level of intolerance to a given substance. A particular muscle is isolated and exposed to a specific substance to determine either a positive or negative response. A weakness in the indicator muscle reveals as disruption in the energy flow and therefore the presence of an intolerance/imbalance. An increase of strength in the indicator muscle confirms the body’s ability to accept the substance being tested. – Needles are not required.